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Your Michigan Divorce Attorney

Divorce falls within the exclusive division of the family division of the circuit court.  Michigan has adopted a “no fault” concept of divorce, which means that if one party wants a divorce, then both parties get a divorce.  However, fault can play a part with regard to division of property, parenting time, and spousal support.

There are statutory waiting periods before a divorce can be finalized.  A married couple with minor children must wait 6 months from the date is filed before the divorce becomes final, although there are circumstances that would allow a court to grand a divorce sooner.   If there are no minor children involved, then the statutory waiting period is 60 days.

No two divorces are the same, but all have some common elements.  The initial pleadings required to file for a divorce include:

  • Summons
  • Complaint
  • Filing fee
  • Verified statement (If child support or spousal support is requested)
Other aspects of a divorce may include:
  • Ex parte orders
  • Motions for temporary relief
  • Business valuation/Forensic accounting
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
There are two types of divorce judgments:
  • Consent judgment
  • Default judgment

Going through a divorce can be a very daunting process. As your attorney, I will explain the law, provide you with advice based on your particular situation and guide you through the process.  Most divorce cases settle without ever going to trial.  That is always my first priority – to resolve the issues and avoid a trial.  However, if that is not possible, I will not hesitate to advocate aggressively in court on your behalf.

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